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FrankXray Studio is Michael Brown. Motion Graphics, Graphic Design + Creative Direction, Illustration, Storyboards, Logos for Television, Film, Print, Internets, and now Bike Jerseys. Los Angeles, CA, USA. 323-938-6242. michael AT frankxray DOT com, skype:
Here's how I can work for you. I'm looking to develop long-lasting relationships with like-minded clients. Those of you who value high-quality graphics with a keen eye for typography. Logo design, storyboards, motion graphics, illustration. Small projects
are OK. I'm available to work in your facility or mine on a daily basis. If you produce a Comedy Chat Show for television, I would be very interested in having a meeting with you to discuss a full-time situation. Have a look around my site and be sure to check out my comedy blog at BoringLoadOfGarbage.com, where you'll
find some interesting tidbits about life in Los Angeles, bike commuting, and more. My Blog
Words and Pictures by Michael Brown. I've started a late night comedy graphics living portfolio over at BoringLoadOfGarbage.com. The name doesn't hide the way I feel about blogs, but you might find this one's a little different. Each post has an
original graphic, plus an attempt at humorous writing. I try very hard to ridicule social norms and tweak societal sensibilites there. It's also where I put my very latest work (because it's so easy to update). Come on over and check it out. If you've looked at my Movies or Resume link, you've been there